Special Projects

TGS South Africa Inc. advises and assists clients with a diversity of special projects, specific to their organisation’s requirements.

Internal Audits

These extensive audits will allow your organisation to execute your business strategy and achieve your objectives effectively, through redeploying valuable internal resources towards vital business activities. Through identifying and managing emerging risks more effectively, these audits will provide your organisation with a greater level of assurance and risk coverage, while simultaneously saving as much as 20 to 40 percent in costs and boosting your operational efficiency and performance.

Additional benefits of these audits include:

  • Provide access to leading-edge tools and methodologies, such as data analytics
  • The provision of broader skills sets and deeper industry specialisation
  • Knowledge and capability transfer to the organisation
  • Supply intellectual capital, offering proactive insights and recommendations on leading practices
  • Short and long-term cost flexibility and scalability
  • Will coordinate with your organisation’s governance, risk, and compliance programmes.

Due Diligence

It is a known fact that an integral part of a successful business acquisition is the performance of a due diligence. Let our team of specialists assist you, the investor, in determining whether your investment will be fruitful by tailoring a due diligence to suite your requirements. Some of the areas covered in a due diligence include but are not limited to:

  • Verification of assets and liabilities,
  • Performing a tax and compliance audit,
  • Reviewing legal documentation,
  • Analytical and trend analysis,
  • Organisational structure,
  • Internal control assessment,
  • Cash flow forecasts.

Forensic Accounting Services And Special Investigations:

In instances where fraud has been committed or is suspected, TGS South Africa's investigations will scrutinise and analyse the available information to provide your organisation with the information you need to determine a way forward. We will also assist with:

  • Agreed-upon procedures investigations
  • Procedures for third-party reporting

Internal Control Evaluations

Let our team of professionals assess the effectiveness, efficiency and credibility of your internal control processes. We are positioned to advise you on the correct implementations for a stronger and more robust control environment that improves efficiency, effectiveness and reliance.