Don’t Miss Your Deadline for Employment Equity Reports

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Failure by “designated” employers to lodge their employment equity reports on time risks severe penalties, with first offenders risking a fine of the greater of R1,5m or 2% of turnover (increasing to the greater of R2,7m or 10% of turnover for serial offenders).

Lack of enforcement in the past (apart from a few high-profile exceptions) has perhaps lulled non-compliant employers into a false sense of security but the Labour Minister has threatened a major crackdown and if you missed the 3 October 2016 deadline for manual/postal submission, you would be well advised to remedy that immediately.

Follow the process for electronic submission by the online deadline of Sunday 15 January 2017. Go to the Department’s “Employment Equity Online Reporting for 2016” page for details.

Must you report?

Reports must be submitted by all employers who fall into either of these categories –

  • All employers with 50 or more employees or
  • Employers with fewer than 50 employees who are designated in terms of the turnover threshold applicable as per the following table –201612tablethresholds
    Getting this wrong could cost you dearly. Seek advice in any doubt.